• It Takes Courage To Cure Herpes

    To many people are saying that there is no cure for herpes but is there?

  • Because once you have it,

    it will be there forever, unless of course if our medical science was able to discover a real treatment for herpes, which will prevent outbreaks permanently, and kill the herpes virus finally. That being said, herpes, until this day, has no cure yet.

  • Some common question abou herpes?

    You can ask too...

    Are there treatments for herpes?

    However, there are remedies for hsv that can help, in order to lessen the discomfort that herpes brings, or to prevent the condition from being worse.One of the best treatments for herpes would be the use of pain killers.

    What about outbreaks?

    Herpes outbreaks are very discomforting and painful. In fact, people may also suffer from fever due to outbreaks, which will result to overall body pain. To ease this discomfort, you can take pain relievers that are normally available over the counter.

    For people who cannot take medications that are chemically formulated

    Taking natural herpes treatments would be the most viable option to ease the condition. Some of the most popular natural remedies for herpes would be topical ointments, oral supplements, or creams made of 100% natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Garlic, Echinacea, and more!Knowing some home care for herpes would also help sufferers from the discomforting feeling that herpes can bring. One of the most effective home care for herpes is to practice good hygiene. Bathe regularly to make sure that your body is free from germs and bacteria, which will intensify the severity of the infection. The blisters should also be cleaned, to make sure that it won’t spread anymore. Bathing regularly will also help keep your body healthy, from preventing other diseases and illnesses, which can make everything worst.


    Scratching the blisters is also not recommended

    even if it is already itching. If the itch is starting to become unbearable, you can always have a hot bath, to ease the itchy feeling.Apple cider vinegar is also a good disinfectant which is said to help eliminate the virus that is causing herpes. So you might want to try this too, before bathing, in order to lessen the outbreaks.During outbreaks, which cannot be prevented all the time, make sure to avoid having direct skin contact with people. This means you cannot have sex at this time, which will help quicken the end of the outbreak and to prevent the virus from affecting your partner as well.These are the different things and information that you have to know about treating herpes. Unfortunately, this STD has no cure yet, but we can all be assured that our medical science is putting their best effort in discovering the most effective treatment for hsv.


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